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Commercial Real Estate

Brian Erickson Realty is a superb choice to market and sell your land or business/investment enterprise.
Brian Erickson Realty’s many commercial real estate/business activities throughout Wisconsin for over 30years have given him a multitude of connections with various corporations, investment funds, brokerage/exchange groups, etc.

One of the groups that Brian Erickson is a member of is REALTY COUNSELORS INTERNATIONAL. Brian Erickson personally networks with this group on a regular basis. REALTY COUNSELORS INTERNATIONAL is a very prestigious world wide real estate sales organization. Its exclusive membership includes some of the most successful real estate brokers, financiers, practitioners, and deal makers in the world. By enlisting Brian Erickson as your real estate broker you can increase your probability of a successful purchase and/or sales of properties exponentially by having access to this exclusive organization through Brian Erickson. Brian Erickson’s professionally earned designations include…..REALTY COUNSELOR… as well as the much coveted IMPERIAL REALTY COUNSELOR designation. The requirements and ' net sales standards ' for the IMPERIAL REALTY COUNSELOR are extraordinarily high... Brian Erickson is one of the three brokers in the state of Wisconsin to have this professional designation.

Brian Erickson Realty has numerous corporations and individuals anxious to purchase businesses and land.

But the first commitment at Brian Erickson Realty is to consult with the client/customers and identify which "type" of property disposition or purchase will be most beneficial and lucrative to the client.

For an example sometimes an "all cash" sale is not in the best interest of a property seller as capital gains taxes are a big issue and can "eat-up" much of a sellers net worth.

There are many avenues to be explored which many real estate brokers never pursue for their client/customers.

These include:

  • Outright Sale
  • Seller Financing
  • Types of financing (1st and 2nd mortgages, Land contract.)
  • Leases
  • Auctions
  • Options to Purchase
  • 1031 Starker
  • Property Exchange
  • Ground Leases
  • Other variations

These are just some of the many alternatives.. Some may be better for your portfolio than others. Of course every situation is unique and depends upon which alternative minimizes your capital gains and which one is the most profitable and comfortable for you.


Brian Erickson

Brian Erickson Realty



Brian Erickson Realty

P.O.Box 1142
Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495

Buying or selling residential, commercial or land. Leasing or land contracts, contact us at:

(715)421-9430 or email us at:

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Always remember to 'give us a call', we often times have many 'confidential' listings as well!

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